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Sad to say goodbye - We found a new home for Rose

Sue Bergmark


This is my last day with Rose... the sweetest bearded agame. She was not 100% happy with us, as she could not stay outside her enclosure 24/7 because of our dogs that are small and very annoying, trying to bite her tail, and chase her like a toy!!! Nope... not anymore. We have been in the garden without dogs for hours and we usually let her stay at the kids rooms, free for her exploring, but we found her a new owner, that will take great care of her. 
Tomorrow, we will take her and we hope she will be happy in the future... with all of the others of her species that she has in the home. :) 
This is the right decision. Sometimes its better to let go the ones we love, because we love them!

Stay happy...

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