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Sue Bergmark

Im totally in love.... can't say anything else!!!

LOOK at this blushing cheeks, the sweet couple in love, are hugging and snuggling all day long - i cant stop being totally in love with them. Im upgrading their enclosure soon, and they will move to a mansion, and hopefully, make some babies. 

I remember first time i spoke with a lady who had something listed for sale. I called to ask about the exo terra, but the talk went to leachianus and gargoyles and chahouas. She said " If youre having a gecko, and you love the colors of the leachianus, but the temper of the gargoyle, you should reach out to Chahouas" They are mild tempered, colorfull and cute, and she was absolutely right. 

I did'nt end up buying the enclosure, but i remembered her words and now having my first pair of chahouas, it will NOT be the last! <3 

What i come to realize also is that they are actually quite busy during the daytime too. Not hiding like a bat, as my leachies does. So its nice to actually get to see the geckos a bit in the daytime too. 

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