Our family


Hi, my name is Sue. Im married with Tommy, and we have two amazing two legged kids and 21 four-legged....mostly geckos. All 4 of us enjoy these animals, with big interest. We do also have a dog :) 

My husband is not much into either blogging, homepaging or other soacial media, but it's a hobby for me, and he enjoys sitting by my side when updating ;) 

Me and Tommy has agreed (mostly me :) to start going to exercise at Fitness World in a few weeks. This we need, to do something together, start being more healthy and take care of our "older" bodies ;) THANK YOU HONEY <3

Another hobby of mine that start taking a lot of my time is singing. 
If you dare.... you are welcome to listen to my SMULE recordings, and be gentle with your judgement as i JUST started singing and never took lessons. I will tho... 

For me personally, having these fantastic reptiles in my life, means i can take focus away from my illnesses. I have some diagnoses which cause pains every day, but handling and taking care of animals i love, and keep being busy with my hobbies like singing, painting art and just be creative gives me other "stuff" to think about during the worst periodes, and less focus on the pains and the mental issues that comes along with being sick. 
Also being this creative, makes our children see theres other than ipad in this world. 

Kids go to boyscout, dance lesson, singing and self defence... what a busy life ;)


We all have that ONE friend that blows the scene ;) SHARE...