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Our Veiled Chameleons

We have 2 Chameleons. I bought this glass fronted enclosure, and ripped all inside out, and rebuild for chameleon. I only need to finish the frame with white paint... but the big princess already moved in and seems so happy to be there. 
They are both from 2019 july/august. 

Below, our "Fede Maren" girl, taking a tan in the window. She has her own big enclosure, and before she always wanted out for a snuggle, but now she wanna stay in. This big girl, bullied the others, but in nature it survival of the fittest, and fit she is ;)

Above & below, my veiled chammo - this picture is from September 19 - 2019


Below, my baby princess, who had a rough start in life, with lack of calcium/D3, made her weak, together with 3 other bigger and stronger chameleons, until she was separated. Now shes in super shape, and were all happy.