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How we started our lizard zoo


My husband and i, recently decided ( i did :) ) to start with this hobby getting some reptiles, mostly geckos and cameleons and we (me) totally fell in love with this chubby wrinkly dinosaur looking gecko, Rhacodactylus Leachianus. 
We live in a house just outside Copenhagen, with garden and guesthouse.


My husband like to fix cars... and the children go to school and practice some sports. Our daughter does KRAV MAGA that is a selfdefence sport and our son likes art class and scout class. Pretty much a normal family, with an abnormal hobby. :)  

The reason i started researching what animal would suit our family, is that i have a strong belief that children learn a lot from taking care of all kinds of animals, and they should not learn that some animals are more valuable than others... i love all animals, and that, i want to bring to my children. Since they were babies, i tought them how to put a snail a side in the street so no one steps on it, and how to be good to all, both insekts, furry animals and not so furry animals. Early i went to stores to let them hold snakes etc. to get them to be used to them. I have had massive astma allergy for many years, but as a child i was always surrounded by animals i kept. Always injured or lost or from people that just lost interest. As i grew up, my allergies started, and i had to turn to reptiles. Now being with my husband Tommy since 2009, i really missed having animals in my life... so i kinda lured him into this by telling that we could combine business and hobby. He's okay with this and actually started showing a lot of interest, even its me handling the animals.

Abba & Charlie

I searched all the danish internet sites for buy and sell, but there were only one seller having 2 leachies for sale, here in Denmark, so we bought them both. The seller was kind of shady, not answering many questions and hurried away after payment an afternoon at a parking lot!!! But now i learned how important trust is within this hobby. A few days after we decided to get some adult leachianus for breeding our own babies, so we decided to import "new blood" to Denmark, as not many here know about this reptile nore breed them.  Our first bonded pair was purchased from a well known breeder from Brooklyn N.Y. and a few days after, we went back to the same breeder to purchase even two more (juveniles), as he was TOP serviceminded and answered all our start up questions and much more... without any negative attitude at all. Thumbs UP for all those serious breeders that actually care about who buy their animals... we do TOO!  You do not buy a leachie, in the local pet store, thats for sure. Its TOO expensive for most people. Buying a leachianus is for me compared to woman buying a Gucci bag at the local store, or buying an expensive watch etc.! Who does'nt love high end brands ;) 

    • This passion of ours, have in a few weeks gone from 1 reptile i 1 vivarium, to 16 reptiles in 9 vivariums, filling up our livingroom, and taking all our time, mostly my time (Sue). 
      We currently have:

        • 1.1 Crested 
        • 0.0.3 Baby crested
        • 1.0 Crested Dalmation (young)
        • 0.0.2 Rhaccodactylus Leachianus Moro's
        • 0.1 Rhaccodactylus Leachianus Nuu Ami female CB16
        • 1.1 Rhaccodactylus Leachianus Pure Nuu Ana High Whites CB18
        • 1.1 Rhacodactylus Leachianus Nuu Ana+Ami CB15/16
        • 1.0 Rhacodactylus Leachianus Brosse CB16
        • 1.0 Rhacodactylus Leachianus MIX purple color
        • 1.1 Mt. Koghis Friedel line CB12+CB16
        • 0.2 Veiled Cameleons