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Worth a visit

Sue Bergmark

I experience al ot of difference between good and bad breeders. 
My absolute first encounter with a reptile breeder was horrible, no information and no feeling of security. But it was my first Leachies, and i wanted them. BIG MISTAKE! The most shady deal ever, and after being paid, the seller hurried away in his car - a true parking lot experience. 

Nevertheless, i love my baby leachies, and just became ALOT more cautious when i buy live animals. 

A few sellers from the leachie groups on Facebook, blocked me, as i didnt get back to them with an answer emediately. I could'nt care less. Its my money, and i take my time to considor, like when i buy a car, i try many, ask prices etc. If people think its waste of time to answer my questions, they will not get my money, and thats for sure. 

Then... i met Richie. 
I am still waiting to recieve his animals, and im looking so much forward to that. Richie has been the most TOP serviceminded seller i ever met - not only in the reptile business, but as in my whole life. 
I did transfer just approx 4500 USD for my first adult/subadult leachies, 6 weeks prior to pick up. I know its crazy, but this seller is so kind and helpful, that i trusted him. There was never a negative tone or hint of irritation, witch i am use too, as i am very suspicious, and tent to anoy most people to see how far they are good - you only know people up to a certain point, and somewhere along the way, their facade breaks down to ugly! But not this time, and when i feel comfortable, i will keep this seller on my positive list in my head forever ;)

Normally, I like to ask for both ID and address, before transfers of that size. :) And as he didnt had anything against that, i knew he was good. 

I have only heard good about BB's Crested Geckos, since, and here they have yet another reccomendation


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