New enclosure for Yemen

So... me and hubby sit one evening, searching for one more enclosure for the upcoming pairs... it has to be tall, a good price of course and only one we found was this one - including yet another Yemen Chameleon. 😁🙄😂

this is how this hobby is... you always go out to buy one thing you need, and comes home with 5 more things...🙄🤣

Anyway - we will put our new lady in a peaceful place as she have been through a high level of distress. The young couple (sellers) had the whole set for only 3 days but gave up on the work having her enclosure moisted, heating, uvb, greens etc. the right conditions for a young lady like her was not met, why we decided to buy.

Her “waiting” enclosure before moving to the “castle” 😍

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