Welcome to Sue's Zoo

Hi, my name is Sue, and im "The crazy Lizzard Lady" according to friends and family. Im married with Tommy, and we have two amazing two legged kids and 16 fourlegged... we care for and enjoy our reptiles. All 4 of us enjoy these animals, with big interesst. We do also have two dogs :) 
We do have friends and family though, that does'nt even dare to get close to the enclosures... and a few that doesnt like to be in our house, when they know they have to share it with our lizzards hahaha...

For many people, reptiles are mystified.. scary and for some even evil or discusting. For us, they are the most fantastic creatures in the world. AND, i have many allergies, so for us to get to have animals in our life with our children, it has to be the ones without either feathers or fur. 

For me personally, having these fantastic reptiles in my life, means i can take focus away from my illness. I have some diagnoses which cause many pains every day, but handling and taking care of animals i love, gives me other "stuff" to think about durring the worst periodes, and less focus on the pains and the mental issues that comes along with being sick. 
This have been my interest since childhood, and letting our children grow up learning the respect of animals, and how to enjoy them, will in my opinion teach them empathy and many other important things. 

Now, I know breeders with hundreds of reptiles... and i can't even imagine the work it requires. If there was hours enough we would maybe be able to have more. 

This is our passion, and our hobby - it is our business when and if it happens ;) 


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